My goodness

It felt as though bricks were being placed one by one onto my body. I couldn’t move for more than two seconds without flopping back down. My energy was long that day. It was nearly 90 degrees out but I kept pulling at any item of fabric to cover me and keep me warm. I felt hot and cold, weak and exhausted. It was 1 in the afternoon. I haven’t felt like that in a long time but something about last Monday was just off. I knew I had things on my mind but I didn’t think it could affect me that much. My laptop was next to me and I decided to put something on – anything to make me feel a little bit better. I searched for old shows that I would watch as a kid. I could have easily put on something a bit more mature but nothing felt fitting enough to cheer me up. I stumbled across an old episode of “Fairly Odd Parents”. Remember that show? The one where the kid had two wish granting fish fairies, a mean babysitter and unusual parents. I clicked it on and as soon as the theme song began playing I started smiling and singing along. I still knew the words… chocolate shake! I belted them out as the episode continued. It’s a silly show but the amount of times I watched it as a kid was unbelievable. I would sit with my Yahoo milkshake, biting on the straw and watch how Timmy Turner got to experience magical adventures with the help of his green and pink haired friends. I can still feel the scratchiness of the arm chair at my dads where I would watch it on the weekends. I was still worried and upset about something but for that half an hour I put those thoughts aside. They were still there. I was going to have to deal with it at some point but for that moment, I just wanted to watch some cartoons. It helped too. I didn’t feel 100% better but I did start thinking about old times from my childhood. I haven’t done that in a while either. It reminds me of Pokemon Go and how people are getting so much criticism for enjoying a game. For some it’s a chance to recapture a time from there youth, for others it’s a new adventure. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It makes me smile to see flocks of kids walking around together as they try to capture the characters. It shouldn’t become your everything but it’s alright to do something that gives you some joy here and there. Real world issues shouldn’t be ignored – there is a lot to be discussed but to take some time to feel a little carefree every once in awhile is important. As I move forward in life I don’t want my memories to become something I put on a shelf and never look back on. I want to feel that way again. Times have changed. I can no longer tolerate that chocolate drink but watching a big bobble head character as he gets into wacky messes does bring a smile to my face – and what’s wrong with that? I think some are way to quick to judge when they see someone do something that makes them happy. I see all type of hateful comments about what people should or shouldn’t be doing and it’s kind of ridiculous. Who are you to say that happiness has to be by your terms? As long as no one is harming anyone then where is the issue?



So… take some time and do something that makes your heart beat a bit more. Even if it’s for 5 seconds or 5 minutes.. Just find what makes you happy and do it without apology. 


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