Perfect string of words

I knew you’d be lucky.

And you were right. Oh don’t smirk at me like that. You’re always right about everything, I know I know. It was just perfect timing. We always had that going on but I’ll let you take credit for this one. I thought about those words throughout the day, the week and it still crosses my mind from time to time. It probably meant nothing to you but to me it felt as though someone – even only for a brief moment – thought that something good would happen for me. I don’t get that feeling a lot. I think most people want to believe that they can make it on their own and maybe they are right but it was really nice to hear. And hearing it from you? Well, that meant everything. 

I wrote those words after a quick encounter with someone I care about. It was a simple interaction but that moment has encouraged and led so many steps of mine since. I just wanted to post it as a reminder to use some kind words here and there when you speak to others. It might not seem like it but it might be exactly what another needs in their life.




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