Good morning, good afternoon or goodnight to whoever is reading this right now. I wanted to share a piece of advice that I’ve been learning over the past few weeks. Do not rely on social media as your main source for accurate information all the time. It sounds so easy – I know.. but it’s something I had to remember during the course of this week. I saw something online that almost turned a perfect day into a terrible disaster. Social media is a great way to reach people, connect with others and share your thoughts and ideas but sometimes we trust too easily just because it’s posted somewhere. You can find out a lot online but there are some details that get left out. Those missing pieces can ruin something great because we fail to follow up and get face to face statements. We also tend to embellish online. No one wants to post about life’s shortcomings for the world to see. We want to put our best foot forward which is understandable but it can sometimes lead to a very one sided perspective of our lives. I urge everyone to take a step back and check other references before jumping to conclusions. What you find may be true but there is also the chance of not knowing all the facts and it’s good to get all the sides before proceeding. Filters, 140 word characters and a quick summary doesn’t always include the truth. It’s hard to wrap up your into life into that box. Talk to them. Make conversation. You may find out more than you ever expected to.


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