I hear you.

In my previous postings I had gone into my first year of college. A lesson I learned during my unique stay in the city was that judging others for the situations they have been placed in is nothing short of ridiculous. No one chooses the circumstances they grow up in. We are placed how we are placed and using that against someone should not be a reason to hate, discriminate or judge. I have lived a privileged life. There is no question in my mind that I am a lucky person for what I’ve had the opportunity to experience. I don’t want to feel ashamed for saying it either. I didn’t pick what I was born into and I am beyond grateful that I can say that I am healthy and happy. I’ve been able to live comfortably. Not everyone can say that and that is something that is key in understanding why you should be aware of what you say or how you act in front of others. I think what really angers people is when someone refuses to accept that they do have it better off than someone else. I don’t think we should feel guilty about this but we should acknowledge it. I can’t imagine ever using someone’s background as a reason to sit in judgement. I have had my own share of struggles in life as has everyone else. We all face something. No one is an exception. The outside might look shinier but no amount of money can buy a way out of life. The themes in everyone’s lives are about the same – love, family, relationships, friendships etc but the little details are different. I have a mountain in my life. You have a mountain in your life. Our mountains may differ in theme but I have to overcome mine just like you have to overcome yours. Yes, it might be easier for some than it is for others but as long as everyone is respectful that someone is fighting their own battle then I think that’s a step in the right direction. And if you reach your hilltop earlier than someone else why not use your extra time to help or listen to what someone else might need. If you have a voice then try using it sometimes. Not everyone has the ability to speak up. If you see someone else in need lend a hand if you have one. If you hear someone speak and it moves you in someway, let them know. We don’t have to climb over one another. In the end our lives are all the same. Why not make it a little warmer on the way there? I love that we all have different opinions, thoughts and ideas running through our minds. Different things drive us and that is okay. I can respect you and you can respect me. I’m not going to see eye to eye with everyone I encounter but maybe if we just talk and listen then who knows what conversations it could lead to? Nothing makes me happier than when someone takes the time to talk to me. I love seeing what fires someone’s heart or seeing their eyes light up over something they are passionate about. Even if I don’t agree I will still take the time to listen because I know it’s not easy sharing what’s on your mind especially if it’s a personal matter. I will always value respectful conversations. I have a friend and we do have different opinions but we never let it interfere with our friendship. If there was something seriously wrong with how she treated another I would never sit back and stay silent but she’s kind and generous and that’s all that matters to me. I’m not here to tell you anything about your life because I haven’t lived through it. I remember seeing a post someone made about how many days it had taken to get over a breakup. I rolled my eyes at first because I had talked to this person and thought they were over reacting and then I stopped and told myself to shut up. If that’s how long it took them to get over it then that’s how long it took. I’ve gone through situations that I never thought I’d get past and how would I feel if someone told me that I was being dramatic. I would probably be pissed and tell them to try doing what I just did. I’ve made my share of mistakes so where do I get the right to tell someone else how they should feel or act. My one priority at the end of the day is to go to sleep knowing that I am doing what I can to live my life to the fullest but at the same time also that I am there for those who need it. I won’t always have the right answers but I will do my damn best to give you a shoulder if you need one.


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