A previous Sunday.


It was just another Sunday. There was nothing different about it. I wasn’t doing anything special that day.

It was around 4 when the sun was starting to go down. My family parked at this local spot and I sat in the car because I wasn’t feeling well. We were at the tip of the hill where it looked as though the clouds were touching the ground. I had that Adele song “Hello” on and the moment it started playing I lost all control of everything. I began to cry. And hard too. Through my sobs I managed to explain to the worried group that the sky looked so close to us like if I just reached out my hand I would be close to my cousin again. I couldn’t stop. I was weeping and sobbing and any word that could describe the feeling of someone reaching into your chest and pulling out your heart. I felt blinded by the mix of sun and tears and I heaped over and watched as the pools of water spilled across the grey interior of the car door. I was calm and yet my head felt like it was on fire. We decided to press on and go to another location that also had a great view of the sunset. I noticed an older man sitting by the rocks watching as the sun kissed the sky. He was looking at it so fondly and we got to talking. He said that his wife would always tell him not to get too close to the edge. Then he put his head down and said ” She’s no longer here, we used to come to this spot and watch the sun go down, together, almost everyday, who knows maybe she’s watching it now” I was once again in tears but it was because I understood the mans pain. I too was missing someone. We are all just trying to navigate our way through life the best way we can. There is nothing to guide us through pain or love. We have to handle each moment with whatever we’ve got. I took a picture of the sunset that day and I dedicate it to his wife and all those who are loving someone who may not be here anymore.

 Something dawned on me as I was writing this… I said that I wasn’t doing anything special that day when in fact I was. Living is a special gift. No day should ever just be ordinary.


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