Monday Ramble

I feel so tired but I know I am heading into day number two of feeling awful at night. I wish there was some reason or an answer. An idea or notion I could hold onto. But for now there is nothing. Except the wonderful people that keep me smiling during the day. That’s what I really need. And maybe a hug or two in there. I have a little stuffed animal my family got me months ago when it all started and I have it next to me right now. I think it’s a bison? It’s cute whatever it is. I have gotten so much work done because of the last two nights of not sleeping that well which I guess is a good thing. I came face to face with a bear today on the driveway. I was opening my car door and looked up to see this massive bear just staring back at me. I did that thing that squirrels do. Like when they pause and decide to either make a break for into traffic or head back. You know what I am talking about. And then I saw the garage door open and I knew I couldn’t leave it like that with the possibility of the bear going in. What would I do then? Invite it over for brunch? So I ran screaming bear in a whisper into the garage and prayed it wouldn’t follow. I turned around to see it’s butt going up the hill. I’m working  on a project inspired by the kindness of those who helped me get through the events of this year. I want to do something that helps another the way certain people did for me. Wish me luck! I’m going to try and put something on to help me fall asleep. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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