Please come to Boston….

I’d say yes. I think a part of my heart was left there back in May. We had gone for my 23rd birthday. It was either that or Newport but I knew what my first pick was. We set out early in the day because we didn’t have much time to do all the things we wanted to do after arriving. We had a little puppy to get home to and that was fine with me. I didn’t care if it was for 3 hours or two minutes, as long as I got to see Boston again on my birthday. That was the best gift of all. My heart kept racing as the signs led us closer to our destination. Just seeing the red Massachusetts license plates were enough to make me happy. I  don’t know why I felt so good but I did. Soon later, we entered the city and I knew that this trip was going to mean a lot to me.

Before continuing on about my time in Boston I’d like to mention a trip to Rome I took about five years ago. I was going to go for a week over Christmas break with my two sisters. This was an experience of a lifetime, I thought, so naturally I had to say yes. Others were a little skeptical over the three of us going because we hadn’t spent that much time together but I reassured everyone that I could handle it. We arrived in Italy after two long flights, a smoky train ride and the unpleasant aftermath of airplane sickness. Within an hour of being at the hotel we rushed back out to  retrieve tickets from a priest to end up waiting in line to attend midnight mass with the Pope. It was an exhilarating and exhausting experience. As well as the days to follow. Something that I knew would be a story to tell. It was. Between the museums, the art and the lovely attractions, it was something many should be able to see at least once in their lifetime. There was a moment, however, that I wish I had paid more attention to at the time. We were in a restaurant and I must have been glancing out the door a little too much because the waiter came over and asked what I was looking for. He joked over whether or not I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. To him it was a funny comment but to me it’s something I look back on and realize how right he had been. It wasn’t the first time I had done this. There I was, in a beautiful spot making memories that some can only dream of and my eyes kept searching for something else. It wasn’t that I was ungrateful for the opportunity but even in what should have been a really happy moment, I wasn’t. It’s happened more than I care to admit. When I should be at my happiest, I am not. Maybe I’ve watched too many romance movies where prince charming comes waltzing through the door but even I’ve learned that if you want your prince you might have to go after him so I don’t really think it’s that. Whatever it was, I felt ashamed for still feeling as though I was missing something.

Here is where I bring it back to Boston. We arrived around 12 and headed right over to the public garden. It was gorgeous and all I wanted to do was to lay there all day and write. Everyone seemed happy and I was too. We followed the path of the freedom trail and I would stop every so often to snap a photo. Even as I pause right now to view them on my wall back home I still find so much peace among those pictures. They are my favorite photo’s I’ve ever taken. We made it down to water and I sighed as I looked at the boats and the chained railing. I stood there and my eyes followed up  along with the waves that came crashing back down. I was connecting the dots of the scene. Tracing every break and swish of that water. And not once  did my vision budge. I settled into my surroundings. I wasn’t wanting anything more. I didn’t feel as though something was astray. Everything felt right.  We found some lunch and that was the end of the trip. There has been one other thing that has equaled this feeling and it’s what led me there in the first place. I missed it terribly with every second that the wheels sped across the highway that led home but I know I’ll return one day. And I hope those two moments collide knowing that they’ll forever be the thing that has settled my heart.


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