Places that bring me home.

I’ll take you to the mountain and we’ll spin around together on that carousel. I pick the frog. That’s my favorite one. Or you can watch me if you get dizzy. Somehow I feel like you’ll fall even more in love with me if you just watch. Because being on that silly little ride brings me the same joy as looking into your eyes. You remind me of that spot. Maybe it’s because I can feel my head spin as I go round and round and looking at you makes my head spin too. But it’s a good kind of feeling. It’s like letting go and not knowing where you’ll land. I pick a sight to focus on so I don’t get too hazy. I normally would pick a clock or a statue but this time I know who it will be. Let’s go in the fall so we can pick up pine cones that I can bring back home. I remember one time I collected so many in my arms that they began to fall in bundles to the ground. I didn’t mind. I just laughed. I smelt of Christmas and carols and it’s a scent that can always bring me back here. Will you go ice skating with me? I’m not the best at it but I promise not to laugh if you fall if you won’t laugh at me. And we can glide and stumble around like two idiots in love. We will resemble that ice rink I had in the house. I’d watch the couples and kids skate around as the magnets pulled them in tune with the song it sang. I’d pick them up, rearranging them with who I thought best but somehow the originals pairs always found their way back to one another. They were made that way, I guess. I don’t need matching colors to prove i’m yours. They’ll know just by the look my face. And besides, no one else around counts. I’m only watching your way. My cheeks will be rosy and it won’t only be because of the cold. Do you like hot chocolate because they have the best kind. I always burned my lips but you’re the type of person to remind me to slow down. Let it last. Everything about that place feels so magical. And you’d be the first person I’d bring. We’ll be disheveled after with your hair swept and my curls into waves. Runny noses and sniffles – we will look amazing, I just know. Our unfiltered love, that’s the type of photos to take.  Then after we’ve tired of running around the park I’ll take you two minutes down the road. It’s where the trains pass through. They looked so big to me when I was a kid but god, did I love seeing them. They looked like they were on a big adventure. And mine was watching them. I’d take a penny and put it on the track and come back the next day to see if it was flattened by a passing train. It was my little souvenir of my childhood. Sometimes I’d find them again, other times I wouldn’t. There was a mystery about each one. One penny for me. One penny for you. Let’s place them on the tracks just like I used to do. You know if I think about… if you proposed to me one day with that penny, I’d probably marry you on the spot. I don’t need anything too shiny. I don’t need anything too grand. Just you, that penny and your hand in my hand. How tall are you compared to the cat tails? I can barely reach an inch. Let’s dance like they sway. It’s kind of our own little world in here. There’s nothing much to see but I like the gravel beneath my feet. It reminds me of my yesterdays.  Oh there’s one more spot. That little town just across the bridge. There’s tiny hills lined with houses of different colors and storefronts strung with lights that look  oh so lovely. When I first came back my mind immediately went to you. Did you see that inn? Maybe we will stay there one day. I’m sure it’s even more beautiful in the morning hours. Look, there’s water down below and a slight breeze in the air. Let’s watch the boats and kayakers go by. And there are the tracks if you look straight ahead. Little do these benches and fences know the memories that were made right over there. I know it’s nothing spectacular but these spots make me dream. Maybe mine aren’t the biggest but maybe it’s all I need. This is my past and I only share it with a few. Actually one.. I’ll share it with just you.



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