The importance of it

I saw her little eyes light up as we watched the girls bounce off beams and flip into the air to land and give their waves. I asked who her favorite was and she said Laurie Hernandez because she reminded her of a girl we’ve seen around our home town. I was watching the livestream link on NBC of the Olympics with my younger sister and brother. We cheered, shouted and gasped as these girls hit heights and tricks that seemed impossible to us. But it isn’t impossible. Not for anyone. And I  want to thank these wonderful athletes of various backgrounds for showing us that. I especially want to thank them for showing my little sister that you can do all these beautiful and wonderful things without hesitation. I remember at her age I loved to play any kind of sport. I wasn’t great at any of them but I didn’t let that stop me from going out there and doing what I loved to do. I also remember being teased for enjoying basketball and wearing team jerseys. Girls are supposed to play with dolls, not wear mesh basketball tops. I did both because my parents never taught me anything otherwise. I was short too and no one thought I could make a shot. I did.  They told me I could do anything I wanted. I shouldn’t let anything get in my way. Even if I looked like a fool out there, I was still trying.These girls on these teams just reinforce that notion. I want my little sister to try anything she wants to in life. I know she gets shy when we are out and a group of little girls walk pass in their pretty outfits, dolls in tow. I want her to know that it is okay for those girls to love braiding their dolls hair just as much as it is okay for her to love running around outside, getting her sneakers scuffed up a bit. The same goes for my younger brother. It’s okay for boys to like sports but there are others that don’t enjoy it as much. And that is just as fine.There is no wrong way to be a child. Do whatever that brings you joy and if things switch later on or even within two seconds, that is alright. You can do it all. My sister is into horses right now and I would love to be able to afford to bring her to lessons so I am going to work on doing that. My brother is working on a 5 part series book. He just finished the first one. If I can help him publish it, I will do so. I’m older. I’ve been in their shoes. I have had the same doubts and fears as they are having right now. My job as a sister is to remind them that their only job right now is to enjoy the option of being free to explore everything life has to offer… and that can go for us adults too.


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