Friday Little Love Moments – 8/12

Friday Little Love Moments :

I want to make this a weekly title because no matter what may go on during Monday – Friday I think there is always something to appreciate about each day. It may be hard to find at first but there are still little love moments even among the bad times.

I feel as though I did so much in the last few days. I keep thinking certain moments happened last week because they feel so long ago but it was really just only a few days prior. I did a fair amount of driving this week. I was constantly in the car going back and forth to various places trying to take in as much inspiration as possible. I went through some little towns nearby and it really struck me just how beautiful certain places can be even in the most simplest forms. They aren’t anything you’d find on the top ten locations to visit list but there is still so much beauty to see in the way flowers line a hill or how an old hardware shop sign can be so crooked yet look just right. I loved the way the trees overlooked the road, tucking the pavement in away from the faster speed streets. It was like driving through a jungle with only the sunlight peeking in through the gaps of the leaves. I took a walk on a dusty road and smiled in joy as I saw clouds of dirt kick up with each step. My sneakers are a  mess now but I don’t mind. I needed to breathe in air that wasn’t being cooled down by a machine. I fed some horses apples and carrots from my palm and leaped in fright as my hand slipped way too far into the mouth of one. I also took a selfie with a little one who always likes to stick his tongue out at me. He likes to play that game. I watched the sun dip down in various hues and saw objects among the shapes of the clouds. I spent one afternoon curled up into a ball of sickness as I worried over something and I felt the goodness of a laugh the next morning when it all settled itself out. I felt tinges of empowerment as I cheered along to the Olympics. The things people can achieve blows me away sometimes.  I ate a little too much pizza at a restaurant and held my breath as 3 cute guys in suits all walked past as I was about to take a huge bite. The waiter noticed and chuckled while I sat blushing over the incident. I followed signs back home and still felt a little ping of panic of whether or not I was going the right direction…and promptly told myself to shut up and relax. If I got lost it was not that big of a deal. The weather was gorgeous and I wasn’t on a time limit. Bottles of Pepsi were thrown around the car as my brother and I got into an argument over something. I snorted as the cap came flying off, splashing the two of us. My sister just sighed at the two idiots up front but I heard her muffling a laugh. I found silliness and happiness among the tiniest of things this week and each second felt wonderful. I hope you all have things of this week that made you smile even if only for a moment.




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