Soon again.

“When did it change? How did I go from not needing a soul to feeling like a piece of mine is missing? I can see the faint line growing on the ground as it moves along, splitting it in two. I’m on one side and he’s on the other.”
I knew it was coming. I knew that there would be a time where I’d be apart from people I love and yet no matter how much beforehand thought you invest into the notion, it will never make it any easier. It’s funny. There are certain people you’ll encounter in your life that you can spend a lifetime talking to and the second that they leave you’ll want them right back. It’s a weird, heart aching, wonderful feeling but there are people that just have that power to leave that strong of a mark on you. Cherish those people.
It’s never easy to have to go without being near someone you care about – whether it’s a significant other, family member, friend etc.. But if the person you are missing is still breathing somewhere in the world then take a deep breath of your own and think of just how lucky you are. There are others that we will never get the chance to speak to again and while it is heartbreaking fact it is also a good reminder to not take time for granted with the one’s that are still here.
Share with them. Don’t let a second go by without letting the other person know you love them. Never ever think that someone has heard I love you enough – even if you say it in various ways. “This made me think of you” “Be safe driving home” “Have a beautiful day” No one will tire of knowing they are cared for. Chances are if this is truly someone you care for they will be missing you just the same.
It’s okay to spend time apart. We don’t have to live each day glued to one another. The things we’ve done and said can cross map lines, bridges, telephone wires…. Nothing can silence the sound of I love you.
Ps. If you are truly missing someone I suggest not ever watching Grey’s Anatomy during it. That won’t help. You’ll just be a crying heap of a mess afterwards……….so i’ve heard……



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