“I’m not playing doctor but”

Yes. Yes you are. You are about to  go into a ten minute rant on this and that. If someone ever says this to you, just run. Get as far away possible because I’m pretty sure it’s going to lead to you wanting to rip out your hair. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? I get that people are trying to be helpful but when this happens more than once you get fed up with hearing about nonsense that doesn’t relate to you at all – because most of the time the person who is talking to you will just ignore what you have to say. Even though you are the one going through it. You know your body. You know what you’ve tried. And it seems like whenever we try to remind these people of this they will gloss right over it and continue to spew so called medical facts that they’ve read somewhere or so and so told them. I’m all for advice. I’m all for new suggestions. But the preaching method has got to stop. And listen to us when we tell you what we have done/or how we are feeling instead of trying to tell us how to do things or how we are feeling.

Is it that hard?


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