Friday Little Love Moments : 8/19

Friday Little Love Moments :


It’s Friday already? I can’t believe how fast this week flew by when I wasn’t expecting it to at all. My normal schedule is on a bit of a halt this week & next as I’ll be heading out to Long Island for a family gathering and memorial. I’m a little nervous to be honest. I’m an emotional person and I think being back at the beach will stir up all kinds of memories that I’m not sure how I am going to handle. I’ll be surrounded by family though so I am sure most of us will be feeling it.


Here are some things I learned over the week :


  • Missing someone is in no way an easy feat but you just have to remind yourself that they are out there happy & safe. And it just makes you appreciate the time spent together so much more. But a word of warning – don’t ever watch Grey’s Anatomy while missing someone. You’ll just sit and sob.


  • Heat can really take a toll on your health. I was two seconds away from passing out earlier in the week due to lying in the heat for too long. I couldn’t move properly without fumbling around.


  • Anything can be fun if you are with the right people. I saw two younger guys doing a job that probably isn’t the most fun but they were making a game out of it and it just warmed my heart because they were laughing and running around. Everyone else kind of glanced at them like they were crazy but it was so sweet to see. They were so energetic over something so simple that they made me want to join in…. but i’d probably just trip and fall so I opted out…. And since they have no clue who I am


  • You need people around you who listen and you have to take a step back from those who don’t. The only person who can ever know how you truly feel is yourself so don’t sit and listen to people that tell you otherwise. The one thing that is really yours in the world is how you feel so don’t let anyone take that away from you.


  • I really appreciate those people who add a sweet word or two when talking to me. It’s such a nice tone of a conversation and it makes me happy that maybe I’ve done something right for others to be kind towards me.


  • Let your hair down. This isn’t even one of those do it because it’s freeing. Do it because it’s healthy. I’ve had my hair up in a bun for most of the week because I am trying the no heat challenge and my hair is curly but I just took it down and wow, it feels so much better. I might have been giving myself a headache all week. My hair looks like a wreck right now but it’s like taking off a bra after the end of a day. Feels so good.


  • Drives to your old favorite places can be very therapeutic.


  • You won’t be everyone’s favorite & that is okay. You can try but if in the end you don’t succeed then move on. Let them do their own thing and you do yours.


  • It is and always will be a good idea to watch Christmas movies in August. No questions asked. It is.


  • If something doesn’t sit right with you, trust your instinct. I had to go through a whirlwind of doctor nonsense this week and it made me realize that some doctor/patient relationships don’t mesh. Don’t settle. Find someone that will be invested in your care and not treat you as just another file.


It was a good week. I know it’s a jumbled post but I love to look back on my week and remember the things that gave me some inspiration or happiness. I hope you all had a fabulous week and are looking forward to an even better weekend!


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