Don’t walk away so easily.

“Treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight… your life will never be the same again.”  – OG Mandino

There are so many people that I have met briefly that I look back on and think about from time to time. Ones that I wish I got to know better. You never know the true importance of those meetings until it’s months later and you realize you never got a second one. I remember this kid who had asked me for notes in a class during my first year of college. He was cute. I didn’t think much of his smiles and friendly gestures until after. He stopped me in the hall to say goodbye on the last day of the semester but I was too busy talking to someone else. He was lingering around but I was wrapped up in my own conversation to notice. I sometimes wish that I had. Or the time when a girl my age was asking me about a jewelry project I was doing. I was getting materials for it and she started talking to me about it. A possible friend with similar interests? I never got to find out. We encounter so many people in our lives but do we really meet them? Maybe we should. Maybe we shouldn’t let those moments slip away so easily. Who knows where it could lead…


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