Talk “DIY” To Me #1

I’m starting of a new series with the most basic addition you can make to spruce up a room. I did these last year and they are gold branches with string lights wrapped around them. Super easy to do! I picked up a clear vase from the Christmas Tree Shop that was on sale for $7 at the time. I chose one that was tall enough to hold long branches so I wouldn’t have to comprise the length of them – or have to spend time breaking them apart. I also went to Michaels Arts & Crafts and got a can of gold spray paint. The one I decided on had a metallic finish but use whatever goes best with your room. A half an hour later I had all of my branches sprayed and drying. I recommend putting down paper and waiting for a not super windy day. I learned my lesson when my pants got covered in gold specks. I originally only had a battery operated string of lights on them but you have to place the battery pack in a spot where it won’t fall into the vase so you can have easy access. I now have a mix of the pack and one’s you plug into the wall. I picked the one outlet in my room that can be switched on and off by the wall so it’s really easy to instantly add light to your room. I have a lamp too but hardly use it because the string lights give enough of a glow for the entire room. For an extra touch you can add plastic flowers in. I’ve recently added purple flowers as we head out of summer into fall. Last Christmas I had some red bows on the branches to add a festive feel. That’s it! Really simple but a nice touch.


IMG_20160823_101041 (1)


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