If anyone has any tips, suggestions, tricks, advice, deep family secrets or magic cures on how to get rid of a massive headache/migrane/brick smashing into right side of my head sensation, please send them my way. It is so painful. I just took some pain relief but it might take some time to kick in. I fell asleep for an hour and it was still just as bad when I woke up. It eases when I press certain points of my head but I can only hold my hand like that for so long….



2 thoughts on “Pains

  1. Little^BlueMountain says:

    I used to get those often…it’s like your head is being crushed. Ugh! I highly recommend drinking plenty of water, getting to bed early, eating a banana daily, and taking magnesium supplements. They only come back if I slack off on those four things.


    • theroseguide says:

      It was awful! I had been using a heating pad to help but it made it worse. I have a bit of a reaction to basic pain medicine so I was trying to hold off but I had to cave in and take it. I got a towel and ice and kept it on my head with ice cubs falling out under me during the night. It was not a good scene haha. I am allergic to bananas which stinks because I heard those really do help! My ear was all stuffy too so I’m not sure if it was a combination but it really felt like that side of my head was going to pop at one point. So glad it is over and I am more prepared if it comes back. Thanks for the suggestions!!

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