No more.


No more excuses.


No more pointless lies.


No more apologizing for your life.


“Sorry for the delayed response. Sorry for not texting you back within the time frame you have set for me. Sorry for liking this movie. Sorry for caring about that person. Sorry for thinking he is nice. Sorry for not enjoying that television show as much as you do. Sorry for not feeling the same way. Sorry for this, sorry for that.”


Does it ever stop?


Years ago before my cousin passed she shared with me a piece of advice that I had ignored at the time. I had apologized in a email for the late response to which she replied with a note attached at the bottom. She understood that I had been busy and that there was no need to feel like I owed her a response within a specific time limit. She urged me to stop apologizing so much for situations that don’t require one. I’ve come to realize that she had been right. It’s a second nature habit of mine.


I’ve become far too comfortable with apologizing for my life & feelings.

Where is it written that I need to explain my actions to anyone else but myself? Why do I feel the need to justify anything I do, love or say in the world? At the end of the day there is only one person for me to examine and it’s myself.


I had a friend who complained about how much time I had spent with my family and she somehow managed to convince me she was right. That I should be ashamed for actually liking to spend time with them. I have younger siblings who I love more than anything in life. I know I spend a great deal of time with them but it’s because I know there will come a day when they think they are too cool to hold my hand so until that day comes I am going to grab every opportunity that I can. I also know all too well the feeling of loneliness by time spent with people who bring nothing but negativity into my life. So yes, I will choose to be around people who make me smile. There is a person who makes me crack up and one day while I was laughing like a total idiot I saw this lady give us a side eye glance as if we shouldn’t be talking to one another. Yeah, we are different in many ways but he’s got one of those infectious personalities that adds happiness to a day. I like having people like that in my life.


I can & will do what I see fit for my life. It in no way has any influence on you. As long as I am not doing harm to others what should it matter what I spend my time doing? I have an unpromised amount of hours in this life and I will use them the way I need. I am making a vow to be unapologetic when it comes to my life. I’m done with spewing countless excuses that I’ve had to create just to make someone else feel better. There are certain cases where a sorry is needed and that is fine but no more to the ones that don’t.


PS : I’ve created some tops for men & women based on this and if you are feeling generous or in need of an inspiring tee, please check them out. This would mean a great deal to me. I also want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my postings. I’ve found a love for writing again ( even if it’s not the greatest ) and it’s because you guys have inspired me. Thank you. Thank you.



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