I wasn’t going to comment on this topic but I keep seeing memes & comments pop up that are just so troubling to me. Why in the world is there a battle going on about the appearance and attitude of  two young children “Blue Ivy & North West” Can someone please explain to me why this is happening? I’ve seen pictures comparing Beyonce’s daughter to her father and apparently that’s not a good thing. I’ve seen postings about how Kim Kardashian’s child slayed better. They are children for crying out loud. I’m not a die hard fan of either set of parents but regardless that doesn’t give me the right to go and pit these kids against each other. Both are beautiful girls. Both are kids. Kids aren’t always going to be the happiest and these two girls are constantly being photographed when with their parents. Each move is captured and up for grabs on the internet for people to critique. When no one should. What do you gain by calling a child ugly? How does this better your own life? It doesn’t. If it does then there is seriously something wrong with you feeling better about attacking a child on their looks. I understand that some are doing it for jokes but it turns into this twisted notion that it’s okay to comment about a child like that. It’s this underlying issue that is being tossed around way too lightly. These kids are going to be in the public spotlight but they didn’t ask to be. They are born into a family that is and they have no way of defending themselves against the backlash. For me it’s not about them one day seeing this nonsense but that it’s become acceptable for us to think this way especially towards children. Why are we in such a constant competition? What impact does another person’s looks have on your own life?  None whatsoever.


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