Words I Wish You Would Read

I will wish you the best. I really mean it too. I hope that everything you’re searching for in this life ends up in the palm of your hands. Those hands that I once had hoped might be holding mine. But let this world pour happiness over you because that’s how it was for me. I cared so much. Even before I even knew you. For some reason you were the only person I cared enough to meet. It took me a long time to get you to talk to me but I didn’t give up. I couldn’t. Trust me, I tried. You were that unreachable voice that got under my skin. And then one day you did. You said a simple sentence. I couldn’t tell you what you said. I was too caught up in the fact that you were talking in my direction. And just like that you meant everything to me. It stings, I’ll be honest but I care enough about you to want you to be happy. That’s how you made me feel. I found love in just about anything. I remember arguing with the backseat over this dingy street that had one flower in the cracked sidewalk. How couldn’t they see how beautiful it was? You made me appreciate the simpleness in things. I thought it had to be elaborate to mean anything but because of you I learned to see how a few kind words & a smile could change the course of a day. Everything and anything reminded me of you. I now can laugh about how silly I was for all the moments that I caught myself relating it back to you. I guess it wasn’t silly. You became a mark on my heart that I still can’t wipe away. I don’t want to either. Regardless of the bitter taste of our last conversation. It’s not like hitting the brakes and expecting there to be no backlash. Everything still remains. Injured but still. I am going to smile through it as you talk of someone else. I hope she loves the sound of your accent when you tell her about your memories. I hope she loves the wrinkles in that smile you always have on. Even when it is raining. You always look like a kid on Christmas morning. That was the smile I had to get. I wanted to talk to you and see that damn smile because it’s really something special. I hope she sees that too. Make sure she appreciates the hard work that you do. I know not everyone would see it that way but I do. Also, promise me that you’ll give her that look. You know which one I’m talking about. Everyone always told me you were looking over like that and I knew what they meant when I finally saw you. Even across the way. Look at her like that. It’s going to make her fall in love. And if she finds something that means something to her…look at that too and tell her something sweet. Simple and sweet. She’ll never take it off. I tried to. I just couldn’t. She’s going to love you. So I am going to wish you the best and hope it doesn’t kill me in the end.


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