A Positive Negative?

I am one who supports inspirational quotes & sayings because I don’t think it ever hurts to see some good words every now and then. I love people who try to live in a positive manner. I am aiming towards that each second of my life. What I do not support are those who claim to be all about positivity and then act like a total jerk to those who are struggling and who voice their troubles here and there. I encountered someone who says they strive to be a very positive influence for others and yet did the complete opposite when seeing something they didn’t agree with. I was verbally attacked as well as others when we were expressing our feelings about certain things in what was supposed to be our own space to do so. This to me is in no way a positive role model. Posting a few things occasionally that are all inspirational and then getting angry at others who don’t live up to those standards is not right. What happened to understanding? Life is not always an inspirational quote. There are battles we will all have to face and to pick on someone when they do not handle it in the manner you would is downright doing the opposite of what you are trying to promote. Maybe offer suggestions on what they can do in order to get through their obstacle but don’t tell them to get over it just because you deemed it’s a negative behavior. People have to respond to situations in their own way and on their own schedule. It’s great to give helpful advice but it really bothers me when someone uses such incredibly negative tones to send a message. The truth is more in the actions rather than just the words.


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