Talk “DIY” To Me : Second Edition


I am in such an Autumn mood now that the dog days of summer are winding to a close. I love the warmer days but there is just something about the fall that is so inviting. What I love about today’s project is that you can adjust it to any season that you’d like. It’s the rustic ladder edition. I was lucky enough to find one outside my house that I took in that has a great rustic feel already. It’s a weathered grey & brown that is perfect to capture the true essence of rustic. If you don’t have one just lying around then I suggest searching online for one or even making your own. I heard it’s not that hard but based off my last project where I left a huge hole in the wall due to a drill accident I rather stick to using the one I found. I’ve seen this trend grow over the last year or so and there are a lot of brands that have marked up the price of these ladders to unbelievable amounts. I am sure you can find a more affordable one if you really search. I tried stopping by my local thrift store but due to safety reasons they are not allowed to sell them at the one near me. I guess if it’s rustic and someone goes to step on it then that could be an issue. I was thinking about spray painting it white but I feel like it might lose the original edge it has. I always have it on hand if I ever change my mind. For right now I have some heart string lights I found at Primark for 4 dollars that I absolutely adore. I love whoever decided to put one close by to me. They have a great selection of affordable clothing, accessories & home goods. I also hung a few gold necklaces, earrings and rings from the steps so I’m actually getting some use out of it by making it part jewelry stand. I have a star ornament I got as a present on the middle step. A bow here and there and a hand-made painting on top. The greatest part of it is that you can switch in and out any of the items to keep it customized to your liking at all times. You could hang a blanket on one step or add some scarves and a hat on the top. It will work with anything. I can’t wait to hang those old-fashioned Christmas lights on it and add some more ornaments. I have a gold painted wreath on top but come the holidays I’ll probably use a different one. The bottom of mine is flat rather than some that have the little round edges. If  you have an issue with sliding you might want to check out those bottom stoppers that stick on to give it a grip. Mine is in the corner next to my bed so it adds extra security so it doesn’t move. It’s a really easy addition. Use whatever you have on hand or search the web for instructions on how to build your own one. I know people have done it for under 10 dollars. Good luck!

-The Rose Guide



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