Friday Little Love Moments : 9/9

Good evening my beautiful readers! It is that lovely time of the week when the weekend finally arrives & you can take a little rest – I hope, at least. It also means it is time to do another edition of “Friday Little Love Things” where I recap anything and everything I can from my week that made it stand out so here we go.

I was sick for the majority of the week and in extreme pain. I’m not sure what caused it but I didn’t sleep much over the past few days so I am hoping to regain a little lost time over the weekend. Even though I felt like absolute garbage for most of it there were a few times where people and sights cheered me up. I went out on Monday after sleeping for maybe a half an hour the night before – I wish I was exaggerating) and I shouldn’t have been driving in that condition. I am really shocked I made it home safely because my eyes were really fighting back the urge to close. I went to do some bedroom shopping and was on a mission for new pillow cases. The only thing I was getting no use of at that time too. I found some at a store nearby and there was a guy there who could tell I wasn’t at my greatest. He took some time to talk to me and even though I really wanted to collapse on the floor due to the exhaustion I did enjoy the conversation. It helped ease the frustration over being in so much pain. Various people did the same thing for me this week to make sure I was alright. I really do appreciate when someone takes a second or two to ensure that I am doing well. It will never get old to me to see that someone cares enough to ask.

Another thing that made me feel better in a way is realizing that just because things don’t work out the way you intended them to doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all. I was deeply upset the last few weeks over something but I learned that it is for the best and it’s not that bad afterall. We can make space for people in our lives and still want them there even if it’s not exactly how we planned. I don’t want to be the person who stops caring when something doesn’t turn out how I like.

I got these beautiful string lights as well that are just making me smile as I am lying down on the new pillow cases I got. They don’t match perfectly but they are so darn comfortable that I don’t even mind.

I am very sleepy tonight and I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I have been so out of sorts that I want to catch up over the next few days.



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