Good morning advice

# 1 – I really want to get in shape but I always start mid march or april and lose steam after a few weeks. I don’t know how to keep my motivation up each day.

  • The great thing about this is that you are starting to think about it now towards the end of this summer. That’s an excellent first step. You are aware that this is a pattern and it’s early enough to give you a good amount of time to achieve what you want to do before next year. Results are not going to happen overnight and you will have highs & lows that you must get through. Even if you start off slowly the important thing is that you started. The motivation is going to come from you. Quotes and images are wonderful ways to get you pumped up but it’s actually up to you to continue even when you don’t want to. Perhaps you could set smaller goals to start off with. It may be easier to reach these goals and when you do give you the extra push to keep going because it feels good to accomplish them. There is no perfect guide to living a healthier lifestyle. You need to do what works for you.


# 2 – Someone within my family shared a personal health issue I have with another family member even when I asked them specifically not to. I feel embarrassed and hurt.


  • I have had this happen to me so I understand how uncomfortable it can be going through this. I was devastated when I found out that someone close to me told another person about what I was going through. It wasn’t that I wanted to keep secrets but it was embarrassing at the time and not something I wanted to discuss just yet because I was still in the process of confirming details. I stayed out the entire day after it happened. I refused to go back home and just drove until the darkness set in later that day. I thought they would value the promise we had made to keep it between us but they didn’t. I guess they did it out of concern because I was so frantic during that time but it still felt awkward to know that others were conversing over my health issues. The damage is done so you can either hide away from it or face it head on. I would suggest the second. It may be uncomfortable but we all have gone through health scares/issues so hopefully they will understand how this is making you feel. Another way to look at is that now you have someone else who knows and maybe that will lift some of the weight off your shoulders of keeping it quiet. I would also recommend that you talk to whoever squealed and remind them despite their reasons for doing so that your private matters are a sensitive topic for you and shouldn’t be shared so easily.


#3 – My friend is going through a tough time and I don’t know what to do or how to help her. I feel useless on what I can do because I know nothing can fix it for her.


  • Remember that you can’t fix it for her & that she already knows that. She probably isn’t expecting you to fly in and have all the answers but I’m sure all she wants is someone who understands that she is facing something. She might not always be willing to talk about it because it may be hard enough for her to face it let alone try and put it into words. Don’t be discouraged if she has to decline on certain things even if you feel like they may get her mind off of it. She’s going to know what she can handle. I think understanding and patience is key here in helping her through this rough patch in her life. I know it’s an old fashioned concept but perhaps you could try making her a card or something along those lines. Simple but my family gave me this tiny stuffed animal when I was dealing with something and even though that little buffalo toy wasn’t going to change the fact that I was in pain it still helped to know they were there and caring.

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