Affordable & Adorable! – Primark Edition


  • The wonderful selection of battery operated lights they have. I’ve gotten a few packs for myself & my mom to scatter within the rooms. I have two sets of hearts in paper and metal casings that just add a lovely glow to my bedroom. I love the fact that they are powered by batteries because the last time I had something affordable plugged in it caught fire! I’m good with less plugs in my room after that experience. Prices that I saw normally range from 2 – 12 dollars depending on which set you go for. The first one I got was only four dollars and the second one was seven. Much cheaper than I’ve ever spent on lights. I just saw they are offering new selections in my local store too of red hearts and what looked like blue diamonds. I already have so many lights in my room but I am sure I’ll be picking up a few more soon. I just can’t help myself when it comes to string lights!


  • The most recent purchase I made was a medium grey duvet cover with matching pillow cases for $30. For some reason the grey one was the only one not on sale but I didn’t want to take a chance with the white one seeing as I have a puppy who likes to snuggle in my bed. I love him to pieces but I thought the darker color would go better with him around. The other colors I saw were striped tan, striped blue, white, a very dark grey and a pinkish unicorn pattern. I must say it is super comfortable! I doubled up the inside blanket to fill it out more and it’s really warm and cozy. The previous blanket I had was a Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell and it’s adorable but on the lighter side. With the fall kicking in soon I decided it was a good time to make the switch.


  • The blue and white mug. I’ve had my eye on a certain mug for a month or so now because I love the simple pattern. It was originally five dollars and even though that is still a good price I had decided against it at the time. I was passing through the other day and happened to see it on sale for only a dollar! I had to purchase it. I’m glad I did too because when I went back today it was back up in price again.


  • A pair of black flats topped with a bow for only nine dollars. I have a hard time finding flats that don’t make my ankles want to break off or ones that don’t look like an old patterned couch but I found my spot for good ones. I guess the store doesn’t do half sizes in shoes ( at least in my area ) so I got a 6 instead of a 7 because they tend to stretch over time. They are really cute and comfortable with a nice price to match.


  • Cardigans! The staple of Autumn. My mom and I both love having these on hand on those cooler days but the ones we find are either way too short or too long. We checked to see if they had some and sure enough they did in mutiple colors too. All for just nine dollars again. Perfect!


Overall thoughts on the store :


I love this place. It’s a great addition and offers a nice variety with a better return policy than others. The staff is made of a diverse team that offers assistance and a few kind words during your shopping experience. The one near me does not provide blaring music which makes for a peaceful shopping trip. There are different sections for age groups for clothing so you could probably find something for everyone. The home decor section is my favorite though because they great prices that doesn’t compromise quality. Affordable & Adorable approved!


* To see some of the items purchase you can visit my instagram page where I post some items that I have purchased *


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