Appreciate it all. The good, the bad & the in between.

It amuses me that you find your story to be the truth. Let’s  all jump aboard the pity party express driven by you, am I right? That’s all I read in what you type. An ounce of sincerity in your web of words can not be found. Your lack of responsibility of your actions that led up to the events remind me that nothing has changed. I must admit I am quite tired of hearing how I should be the one to give in too. I have. I have given all there is of me to give to someone like you. All you do is stomp on it and then still find blame to put on anyone but yourself. The one thing that could have made you change – the last resort to give you a wake up call and you blew it. If this doesn’t, I’m afraid nothing else will. Maybe afraid is the wrong word. I’m not afraid that we will continue to go our separate ways. I think it’s way better off like this. I just wish you’d come to learn that you are just as much a part of what happened as anyone else….more so actually if you ask me.  When will you realize you played a role in the broken ends as you put it? The truth of the matter, however, is that they were never strong to begin with. You got caught in a game of manipulation and never found your way out. I did. It’s possible, I promise. But you’ll continue to use it as your crutch for why you make people feel the way you do.  I am forever grateful for the lessons all of this brought too. They say that moments like this should change your perspective on things and it does for me in some ways. Not when it comes to you though. It made me realize the ones that really matter are the ones I should give every ounce of my time and love to. Not to the ones who use love as an excuse to say and do what they do. “I did this because I love you” oh give me a break…. Maybe I should feel differently about this. I’m sure you’d have a lot to say about how I am reacting but I know that as unfortunate as this outcome was, nothing was and nothing is different. The truth still remains and I still don’t like it.  



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