Something about it


I was thinking over some things yesterday as I was running errands with my sister. My semi damp curly hair was sticking to my shoulders in the humid air and I kept telling her how long it’s been since I wore my hair down in it’s natural state. A decent amount of time has passed since the last outing with it because even though I am trying to let it just go curly I keep it up in a bun to do so. That led to me thinking about my first year of college in the city and how different I was then vs before and after. I kept my hair down and curly the entire year except on certain days when I’d go back home and be seeing old friends. It was really needed because I basically fried off my hair everyday during high school because god forbid I let someone see me with curly hair. I do recall a time when I let my hair go curly and got on the bus and my friend said that I scared everyone by it. I went home early that day… In this first year though I gave up on trying to overdo my hair and clothing options. My first day of school outfit was horrendous now that I think back on it but I thought I was the bee’s knees in that moment. I had on bootcut jeans, a blue blazer, a pale pink shirt, and a messenger bag. It might not sound that bad but the ensemble was cringeworthy. I didn’t care then. I walked down the apartment building stairs with Lucy Hale’s “Run This Town” blaring in my earphones and thinking that I owned the area. I felt confident and ready to conquer which was a huge difference from the days of high school where I’d wake up at the break of dawn to pick out my outfit and burn the daylights out of my hair. I didn’t have the greatest experience that year due to being homesick but the change in attitude of appearance was something that I look back on and admire. My hair grew so much between August and December that year and either it was something in the New York water or that I gave into a more natural state of mind. I kept my hair curly the following year but fell back into the routine of letting others decide what I should look like. I do like to straighten my hair from time to time but this year I am trying to get more back in tune with that Brooklyn attitude I once had.


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