Easy as it goes : A letter to a friend


Thank you. Thank you for understanding that my life will be filled with highs & lows and that you still stand by me  for each and every one of them. I appreciate that you understand that my every waking moment won’t be devoted to you, just like yours won’t be dedicated to me. I honestly wish it could be that way but as you know we both have lives to attend to. Thank you for laughing at me when I screamed on the highway at the highest range my voice could go as I contemplated which direction we were supposed to take. You didn’t freak out when we got lost – even though I was.. You just kept laughing as the gps told us to drive into the water that it claimed was a road that existed. You didn’t help with the soda explosion in the freezer that next morning but it’s okay. I had a bit of fun sweeping chunks of diet coke ice onto the floor to mop up. I could have used some help with the crusted on macaroni and cheese that you left in the pot but I’ll let it slide because you’ve let me slide on so many things when I really needed it. You understood that it might take extra time to go grocery shopping for that trip because I was going through a health crisis and still to this day you are always finding new suggestions to throw my way just in case it will help. I really don’t mind because unlike others, your advice doesn’t come with a doctor tone. Some are tmi but I’ve come to learn that we are going to tell each other everything so why bother being embarrassed anymore. See the best thing about your friendship is that it doesn’t come with a  terms & agreements page. There is no guilt given when our plans don’t always go as plan. There is no hidden resentment when our paths don’t cross every minute of the day. Our friendship lasts through the rainy months, the ups and the downs, the off days where we rather stay in, the stomaches and headaches where we need our own time, work and other things and everything in between. No hoops and high lifts to get through. We know we are friends – apart or in the same room. We hold nothing against the other. And that works for us. I’ve been on the other side that left a sour taste of friendship in my mouth because I didn’t know what else I could do. So I thank you because I don’t say it enough.


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