This whole let’s be in pain every second of the day 24/7 thing is a story I don’t want to keep living. I got my xrays back for my knee and nothing showed up but it’s still in massive amounts of pain along with my ankle and hip. It’s only the left side of my body though. It actually feels like someone drew a line down the middle of my body and all the pain/pressure  is concentrated on the left side. I’m not sure what is going on but I wish they would just send me for an mri or anything to get a better look. I know you can’t determine everything but I honestly believe in my gut that something is seriously messed up on the left portion of my body. Add having a cold on top of it and I am feeling miserable. It could be worse, I know but that doesn’t mean that is doesn’t still suck.


If anyone has any movie suggestions they want to send to me that would be great. I could really use some distraction right now.


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