I’m sure a lot of you have now heard the song Forever Country done by various country singers that was recently released. I decided to watch the video and listen to it in full before and I must admit I started deeply crying halfway through. It just hit me in a way that I really didn’t expect. I’m not a solely country music listener but it has been a big part of  what I do choose to listen to. I guess part of the reason that I got so emotional was that each one of those singers or groups has had a song that I’ve listened to and laughed, cried, or smiled through. I’m constantly listening to music and songs, especially songs done by these artists, have seen me through my highs and lows so it was beautiful to hear them all in one piece.  I  shook Darius Rucker’s hand, I’ve belted out  a Dolly Parton song with my mom,  I gazed up at Charles  Kelley in awe when I  got to meet them. Kenny Chesney’s voice can melt away some troubles for a few minutes. I can still see the post that my cousin made on Facebook about Little Big Town performing at an awards show and how much she loved it. She is no longer here but seeing them in it made me see her. I wept over a silly teenage heartache to Easy by Rascal Flatt’s and watched the rain fall along to My Wish when my brother left for college. I don’t always listen to all these songs anymore but for the length of this one all these memories came flooding back and it was something special for me. There are so many more singers of this genre that extend far past the amount in the video but for a brief moment I was sent back into good times and bad times and it made me so thankful that they decided to do something like that. It’s for fun, I know but it really struck a chord for me.


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