Friday Little Love Moments : 9/30

It’s not just midnight yet so I am still making it for this week. I have been missing in action for the last week from my blog and I apologize for the lack of content. I’ve been really feeling the effects of a stronger medicine that has me going to bed super early and feeling hungry 24/7. Six days  left and I can’t wait. During the week I worked on a project with the little energy I had left. It was a bigger diy than expected but it came together and I am proud of myself for seeing it through. That posting will be up over the weekend. I really was grateful for a lot of different things this week. I appreciate technicians that make a stressful process a little less nerve-racking by engaging in some small talk. I am thankful I learned that there are situations I will never be able to change and that is okay. I can be a superwoman of a lot of neat things but sometimes even I have to take a seat back and let life play out how it should. I love friends who are understanding during tougher times. I needed those kind of friends this week and they really pulled through. I am proud of the scratches on my hands and legs of putting time and  effort into something I really wanted to do. The correct result is never guaranteed but I followed it from start to finish and that’s what counts to me. I am blessed to have cozy blankets to tuck me in during the night as I fall asleep to the sound of breezes that rustle in and out of the leaves. Life feels beautiful. Have a beautiful weekend.


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