Affordable & Adorable – Talk “DIY” To Me Mixed Post Edition! : Pallet Wood Bed


Thank goodness this project is over! 5 pieces of pallet, one near disaster, 3 spray cans, a white mess later…I have completed my goal for the last two weeks. It took longer than expected and was much more difficult than anticipated. I’m really selling it aren’t I? No, but really I do love the result. It was just more of a process than I had thought it would be. I learned some tips along the way so I’ll share them in case you want to attempt this for yourself.


Recommendations of what you might need :  


* Wood Pallets ( Preferably chemical free )

*Sanding Tool/Sand Paper


*Gloves – I wore them to protect my hands from splinters and scratches. It really did make a difference


  • The selling point of doing this was that you can usually find wood pallets for free or a very small fee because most businesses have them in abundance. Check out your local stores to see what they offer. I called up a garden store near me to ask if they had any to spare and they had plenty. I do suggest making sure they are chemical free because some are not. Make sure to calculate how many pallets you are going to need. I used 4 pallets for a double/full sized bed and had to cut off some of the sides. I know there are multiple sizes of pallets so plan out what style you are going for and then measure the size of your bed to find the correct ones you’ll need. Don’t just assume the amount. It will save you wasted time and the frustration! Also, keep in mind the direction you want your pallets to go.


  • Picking up the pallets was an adventure in itself. I was fortunate enough to have a young man offer to drive them to my home since I lived a few minutes away. He had a truck and I was sold. He loaded 4 into the truck and we headed to the house. One decided to take flight during the ride and landed in the road. Since he really wasn’t supposed to be making home deliveries I had to go retrieve it with my sister. I’m not sure how I expected to get them home in the first place because I was in no way prepared. I had this false belief they would fit in my car but I was seriously mistaken. What saved the day was Christmas tree twine combined with my laziness because I never took it  out of the trunk last year when the guy at Home Depot secured it in the back of my car. We used the skinny piece of rope to tie the pallet to the roof and held onto it through the sunroof as well. I drove super slowly and we made it back in one piece.


  • I got them home and by that point I was already exhausted but had to keep pushing on. I then sanded them down to get rid of any frayed pieces that may cause splinters or damaged toes. I didn’t get them all but that’s okay because it gives it that rustic look.


  • You also need to decide if you are going to paint it or leave it natural. I went with painting mine white because it matches my other furniture but it really is your preference. If you do go with the painting route then I suggest going straight for actual paint and not using spray paint. The wood absorbs it so fast that I barely made a dent with two cans so I switched directions. I went for a semi gloss at first but ran out of paint and used a mixture of whatever white paint we had leftover and it all turned out about the same so I wouldn’t fret too much about that part. I left it to dry for a solid 24 hours so I would not risk getting paint anywhere near the inside of the house.


  • I moved them upstairs which was a task of it’s own because they aren’t the lightest things to carry but I eventually got them there.


  • Set up & decorate. This should have been the easiest part but I was stupid and had left my old bed frame in there and had to maneuver taking that apart while having massive pallet boards in the room. Side note – I never want to take apart an Ikea bed again. I love them, I really do but oh good grief was it a nightmare. I also learned that pallets are huge even when it’s only four of them so after trying desperately over the weekend to make it work I caved in and took out the hand saw. I now have red hands and the taunting buzz  of an electric saw ringing in my ears. This is why it’s super important to get the correct sizing before proceeding. 


Even though this project took more time and energy than I thought it would, it was still worth it. It is actually very comfortable to sleep on and you can decorate it as you see fit. You can easily switch in and out blankets, pillows, lights, flowers etc. to give it a brand new look. I’m not finished adjusting the whole setup but I wanted to share it so far. I would really test it out if you are looking for something new for your bedroom. It can be totally free depending on how far you take the project.


I’ll have more pictures up on my instagram of the project if you’d like to check them out for inspiration. * The quality of images isn’t the greatest due to lighting this week * 



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