Eye To Eye

They were never going to be alike. He believed in  things she could never and it went both ways. It pained her to hear the way he talked about certain topics but he was so set in his ways that she knew nothing she could say would change his thinking. Despite, all his attempts it didn’t change hers either. However, the truth remained that he was still able to make her laugh every now and again. She didn’t want it to but it did. So, she accepted that some situations can’t be fixed. People have to be who they are. You can beat yourself up and be pulled down in the exhaustion of making someone try to view the world through your eyes. She’s tried that. All that was left after was her heart bruised and battered with a conflicted view on the things she once stood for. She loved so much that it took her down. She didn’t want that to happen again. Or she could just let it be. Don’t interfere. Not at this stage. There are too many reasons telling her not to. Sometimes the differences are what bonds us together. We see parts in another that we’d like for ourselves but we don’t dare admit. If we force away all of the people who don’t agree , we may miss out on sharing moments on things we do have common ground in. She wouldn’t risk that again.


2 thoughts on “Eye To Eye

    • theroseguide says:

      Thank you! So glad someone can relate. There are so many layers to a person that if I choose to focus on what I may see as a negative I could be missing out on something more within them. Best to you & your boyfriend! 🙂


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