The ring came off. The one she swore she’d never part with. It had been kissed with whispers of words but she soon came to realize that’s all it was. Nothing but sweet words that swirled in the air but soon melted into her cheek. Nothing more. Nothing less. Stuck. That’s how the ring felt lately too. Like it was suffocating her finger without an inch to spare to escape. It had to come off. She had to breathe. Weeks ago the thought of taking it off would leave her with a sense of guilt but one night she tore it from her hand. She didn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing it until that following day when she fluffed out the blankets and the ring was hiding beneath. She had done without it. It didn’t mean that she had forgotten all of the reasons as to why she wore it in the first place but she just outgrew it. The memories would remain, the thin line imprinted on her finger that was lighter than the rest of her skin would make sure of that but eventually it would all blend together. She could start anew.


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