I saw something this afternoon that just really hit a nerve with me. I went to lunch with a friend at Panera and there was a table that had salad and food thrown all around on the floor beneath it including some dressing. A man came over to clean the tables and was shocked to find the disaster zone but he chuckled and said “ Go big or go home, I guess “ and then proceeded to take care of it. Some people may say that’s his job but there’s cleaning and then there’s picking up after an inconsiderate person. There is no reason that a salad has to be tossed about in that manner…  maybe on the table but even then you could clean that up… but on the floor like that? I get it, accidents happen but take some responsibility and at least offer an apology or help if you have time but to leave it there for someone else to stumble upon just is wrong to me. It really bothers me that some people use a cleaner as an excuse to be a slob. You may think you’re all high and mighty because you get the luxury of eating lunch out while someone has to deal with your aftermath but come on and have some decency for crying out loud.


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