Little Love Moments Team


I want to build a team of positive people. Make no mistake about it though, positive people still experience grief, heartache, and bumps in the road… but it’s how we overcome them that really reflects the power in us. I knew someone who claimed to be a positive promoter yet anytime someone expressed their true selves & emotions, they were quick to criticize them for doing so. This to me, in no way captures a positive person. I was knocked down for showing a low moment of mine as well as others. There is no one out there that is immune to life’s realities and to shame someone for sharing theirs is not right to me, especially for someone who aims to spread a message about hope, happiness and love. It is perfectly fine to distance yourself from negative people. You do not need that in your life. However, there is a line between someone spewing hate and someone putting their heart on the line by sharing their ups & downs. If you are not familiar with my blog, I do a weekly post called “Friday Little Love Moments” I write about what I’ve experienced throughout the week and what I have found within it to appreciate. I’ll be honest and say these past few months for me have not been the easiest so I created a way to find the good among the bad. I essentially had to or else I’d succumb to what life was throwing at me. I thought it would be difficult or boring to do this every week but it’s given me the opportunity to evaluate what really is making a difference in my life vs what isn’t working. It’s been a great way to take a look back on the moments, big or small, that impact my week. You’d be amazed by what you’d realize. For some of us when a bad moment occurs we can let it affect us too much. Instead of looking at what keeps us going we sometimes concentrate on the negatives and neglect to see the positives. You can find things. You must be willing to do so though. For me, it’s made a tremendous difference on my perspective of this past year. I’ve learn to value my encounters during the day that I didn’t even realize were influencing my mood in a positive manner. I want  others to be able to take my post and apply to their own life. I’ve created some products with the slogan on it & I want others to join in and share what they take away from there week. Certain things are more personal than others which is fine but as long the message of appreciation is being promoted that’s what counts. I want to build this up because it’s been important to me. A purchase would greatly help at this moment and I think in the long run it will help you too. The products can serve as a reminder during your day to remember certain things that made you smile or made you think about something more in depth.

You can find these products on I’ll be adding new ones along the way. I’d love to hear from you!



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