Friday Little Love Moments : 10.28

Here we are again on another Friday. Another week down filled with strange moments, night time interruptions and reflection.

I didn’t sleep much during the last few days due to late night occurrences that prevented me from going back to bed. Our dishwasher decided to explode at 1 in the morning earlier in the week. We aren’t sure what caused it but it looks like the motherboard blew out, causing a toxic smell over the last 36 hours. I stayed up after it happened because I feared it would catch fire since the source of it was unknown at the time. We made sure to get a tester the next day to ensure it wasn’t poisonous air we were breathing in.

We also had a crying fox in the middle of the night as well on another day which caused the little puppy to go bonkers for hours in my bed. I think 20 minutes was the maximum amount of sleep we both got that night.

Last night I woke up with pain again that led into today and put me in a lesser than jolly mood. I’m going to the doctors next week again so maybe just maybe a new step will be discussed.

These are all little hiccups in life though. Annoyances but fixable for the most part. It’s nothing compared to true heartache like the story I’ve been following since it began. Annie Schmidt, the daughter of one of the members of the Piano Guys has gone missing while hiking over a week ago. I’m not an avid listener to the group nor do I know much about their family or daughter but this story has been constantly on my mind this week. There have been no traces or leads about Annie so far. The search has been called off due to the safety of volunteers and due to the fact that they haven’t found anything but her car at the trail. I was having some tough moments here and there during the week but it all is so miniscule compared to something of this nature. This girl is 21. Younger than me and yet so filled with a longing for adventure it seems. That is something I want to add more of in my life. If anything positive can come out of this story it is the influence of her message to “Fill your life with good vibes” I am not a praying person most of the times but I did this week because for the sake of her and everyone connected to this girl, she should be found. I know people are still looking despite not having an official call to and that is amazing. To see people uniting to bring this family information or even a miracle is just so moving to witness. I wish there was more I could do than a thought but I sadly don’t live close to the area. I will keep her message in my heart however.

Appreciate it all, guys. It’s hard at times but when you add up what really counts and the small things that life throws at you there is so much more value in everything you experience. Have a safe and beautiful weekend.


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