Remember When – Scariest Moment

It was quite possibly the most terrifying experiences of my life. I get scared by heights or spiders but those you can move away from. Those you can solve within minutes. This though, was something I was in no way prepared for.

I was driving back down to the mall to drop off resumes for a job I had really wanted when I started to feel sharp jabs pulsing  in my chest and back. I thought it was just a cramp or charley horse but it started to grow with each second. I pulled over at my old college grounds and called my mom who said that she’d either come get me or to start driving back home. I decided to turn around and head home. The pain broke for a few minutes giving me  the illusion that I was okay. I started to calm down until it suddenly hit in all places. It felt as if a knife was plunged into my chest and made it through to my back. I started to panic as I sped my way down the highway. It was just at the exit that tingles overtook my legs and hands. It was like that moment when you are about to hit a deep sleep where you feel your body begin to shut down. I couldn’t move. Foot on the gas, hands on the wheel, and no way of shifting my movements. My body went into full paralysis mode and I was stuck driving against my will. I was petrified of causing a major accident. I wasn’t texting. I wasn’t drunk. My only restrictions were my mobility. Thankfully, two of my fingers gave way to me trying desperately to move where I was able to use whatever strength I had left to slightly move the steering wheel to aim for a side business parking lot. I managed to free my feet just enough to stop the car suddenly. My legs still weren’t fully escaped nor were the rest of my hands so I sat crying and fumbling with the phone I could barely pick up. Dialing was another issue but somehow between my panic and sobbing I called my mom who immediately rushed out the door to come get me. I was about 20 minutes away so it took some time to reach my destination so all I could do was wait and try to calm down. Fear was still surging through my mind as I was alone and helpless. Most of the workers seemed to be in the back of the building and I couldn’t muster enough voice to call out for help. I called my best friend at the time but she was in class and unable to attend to me in anyway. In retrospect it probably wasn’t the best idea idea to scare everyone else. My mom eventually pulled into the lot and my stepdad drove my car to the emergency room while she led the way with me. I was unsure of the reasons and the delay in time as I had to sit in the room waiting for someone to come in made it worse. I had calmed down enough to restore normal functions to everything but the cause loomed over my head. I had an ekg done and some blood work done before I was allowed to leave. I was instructed to go to bed when I got home and give myself some rest. The doctor found no problems with my lungs but the shortness of breath combined with me panicking probably resulted in me hyperventilating and exaggerating the situation. The source was unknown but all we could take away from it was that at least I wasn’t on the main part of the highway during it and I was able to get off it before it got really dangerous. It was a shock, I must admit. There was nothing I could really do except to breathe and try to relax. It’s easier said than done but a very important tip if you find yourself in a similar situation. Of course you should seek medical attention as well but if you have a span of time before reaching such an outlet, remember to force yourself to relax. It could possibly save you from any more potential harm.


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