Friday Little Love Moments : 11/11

Oh this week…..

I will cut to the chase and say that the events of this week have been beyond devastating. Looking into the teary eyes of my younger siblings who were so certain that a man like that could never be elected and see their pain is something I will never forget. My heart doesn’t ache for me or even my mom who was so excited to cast her vote for the first woman president but more so for them. I will never ever understand what someone sees in him. I will never ever be one that supports that type of language or behavior against anyone of any background. Myself and this blog will remain a strong advocate of promoting love and safety for all. I was going to write something earlier but I needed a day or two to take this all in. I’ve been trying to figure out what to say on this week’s posting because it’s been difficult to see any good about this outcome but I did find some things. I find comfort in the fact that so many share this grief and I am not alone on this. I take comfort in the fact that I know there will be people who will continue to stand up to hate and violence. I take comfort in the fact that on the day after the election my mom held hands with a spanish worker and cried together because united we still stand. I will not become his words. I will not be like him. His voice is not mine. You are going to make it great again? Then fine, I wish you the best but make sure it’s great for all. I’m not going to sit and mope for the next 4 years because that will get us nowhere. I will carry on believing in the good each and every day.

On a side note, I want to thank the beautiful people who made a nerve racking moment much easier for me. I had to go in for a low white cell count and it’s in the cancer center. I went in and had to get blood drawn which is normally an easy task for me but I began to faint. I saw the mouths moving of the technician and my step dad but I couldn’t hear a thing. I saw spots and my hands began to tingle. Thankfully, they both ran to get me water and a peppermint and slowly it came back to me. I hadn’t eaten and the nerves must of mixed in but it was scary. The guy linked arms with me like the wizard of oz and made sure I got to the other room down the hall alright. He gave my crying mother a thumbs up when the results returned normal and constantly checked in on me. It made the situation so much more comforting.

Thank you all for still following me and supporting this blog. I wish you a safe weekend and if you are in need of someone to talk to this week please reach out. I will be here on the other side.

-The Rose Guide


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