The Letters I Will Never Send : [ Letter Two ]

You scared me. I hate admitting that but for my first encounter of you I was terrified. I was a lost person trapped in her own bubble, trying to break free from it but meeting you made me want to stay in a little while longer. It was foolish and ignorant thinking. You were the only one to give me a chance that I so needed but didn’t deserve. You could see me struggling, trying to balance two worlds and you offered a hand to help hold one of them. The discussions you let me engage in, the points you brought up and the voices you helped us find are things that I am still grateful for. We made a pact that threw me a bone in an uncertain time. I got to participate in a world that I was so blinded to before. You taught us that it was okay to cry among others and we did. We listened to each other spill out our hearts and even though we were all so different we accepted the stories and took on the pain like it was our own. I read books I wouldn’t have noticed before and got into conversations with words that never once touched my lips before then. You seemed to see beyond the outside of me – I think you did with all of us. We became a family of sorts where we weren’t afraid to show raw emotion and truth. I found myself eager to learn and I think I grew a little more with each short period spent together. I took in the knowledge of others and began to see life with a new set of eyes. You didn’t try to change us but only enhance how we viewed what we experienced. I was still me but a better version. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that judged way too quickly but I came to find out that there is so much more to you. I remember you telling us a story where you choked someone out of frustration. I think I almost peed my pants at the time but what you said after made me understand why you shared with us your less than shining moment. Every word you said was a lesson and we all listened. You said you were going to send us thank you letters afterwards and I never got one but that’s okay because if anyone should have gotten one it was you. I don’t have many fond memories of my time spent there that year but the one thing that got me through it was someone I’d never expect… so thank you for everything.


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