Friday Little Love Moments : 11/25

I have splinters in my hands from working on a project but I gasped and realized that I must do my weekly post before it hits midnight. This week was about being grateful and I have plenty to be thankful for. I always do but sometimes I miss out on appreciating it because I get too focused on something that went wrong. I had a beautiful holiday yesterday. It was really low key which I love because I have to be extremely careful of what I eat… I kind of let that slip though and dove right into it. I had a stomach ache by 12 but I couldn’t resist the casserole we made. It was broccoli and cauliflower with breadcrumbs and oh my , it was super delicious. I just said screw it and went for it. I am so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to enjoy nice meals with family because I know there are those who can’t. To just sit in the company of the people you love is a real gift so treasure it while you can. I am also thankful for warm blankets and holiday pillows because I was all about that this week. I got the cutest pillow that has stockings on it ( I know I know ) but at least when the holidays are over I can use a pillowcase over it. I live for decorations. Just one little item can really spruce up a room. I also am planning on getting a tattoo sometime in the spring and I am looking for ideas to incorporate my two siblings into it. We all three love the greek mythology stuff so I am trying to find a word & two symbols that I can do to make it unique to us. If anyone has any ideas please toss them my way. I don’t want something giant but I’ve always wanted to do it. I’m rambling so I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Thank you to everyone. I hope that you guys have had a lovely week doing whatever you were doing & best wishes for the weekend.


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