Friday Little Love Moments : 12/9

Cutting it close this time around but I still have a few hours to get this up. I am sorry for the neglect of this blog lately. I am in full Christmas drive mode so I haven’t had much time to sit down and write but I hope to change that soon. Thanks for sticking with me regardless though. It’s been a lovely week. Even though I have been rushing around I am in such a cozy mood. I wish I could just wear blankets out 24/7 and not it be a big deal. I’ve been trying to decide what to get everyone on my list this year and how not to get trampled at the mall in doing so. It’s not about the gifts for any of us really but more so about the process of it all. We love decorating and baking and driving each other mad on holiday days in. Falling asleep to Christmas movies is really a nice addition too. I’ve been working with a company that is going to release a mental health app and doing the social media for that has really given me such a needed change in perspective about life. It’s such a blessing to get a chance to see what families and friends go through to give someone the best in life. Whenever I hit a low moment where I am being ungrateful I try to remember how lucky I am to live a life where I don’t feel the weight of limitations and how wonderful it is I can be a piece in something that is trying to help those who don’t have that. We will be fundraising in a month or two and all I am wishing for this Christmas is that I can help make this come alive because I think it is so necessary. Can’t wait to share more. If anyone is wondering by the way – we have an instagram set up called Allthingsfelix that you can follow to be informed about our latest updates. I know it would mean the world to my boss on this to wake up to see a new level of supporters on it. This has been such an eye opener in what needs to change/or be added. I’m off to bed soon because I had the weirdest dream last night and couldn’t sleep but I will have more postings up this weekend. Love to all & have a safe weekend!


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