Friday Little Love Moments : 12/16


Good evening, everyone! I hope you all are staying warm and cozy where you are. It’s been so cold and windy here but I’ve pulled out every blanket I own. I need some sleep tonight. I’ve been having on and off nights all week due to stomach pain and nightmares so I am hoping tonight I can shut my eyes and catch up on some proper z’s. I had such a stomach ache last night that I pulled out my old playstation to get my fill of  Kingdom Hearts 2. I am determined to finish this time but I’m stuck on that boss that shoots water music notes. I like having things around from my childhood for when I’m not feeling well. I normally bring it out when something isn’t right or I’m having a rough spot. It’s a good distraction. The holiday rush has me a bit overwhelmed. A gift arrived today that I had ordered that was used ( I don’t find that to be a big deal ) it was a limited edition so it only came used at this point & the entire inside of the box was covered in fur and hair where it was strung around pieces. It was really disgusting. I don’t mind an used item but at least package it in a way that isn’t cringe worthy to open. I’m going to return it and I found something instead that will be here in time so I’m not fretting it too much….. I was this morning though 😉 I also ordered another item earlier this week which I reacted poorly to at first and then I felt so bad for making a fuss. It’s actually a lovely item and the person who sent it was super nice and made sure it would arrive early enough. I’m so excited now to give it to the person it’s for. Each time I go by it I love it even more! Is anyone else obsessed with gift bags? I love the way they look in my room. Okay, I am rambling. What I am grateful for this week is the fact that I can give gifts to my family. I love picking out things they might enjoy or that we can enjoy together. I also love wrapping them…. Not the people… the gifts… I could sit there for hours with pretty paper and bows. I am so grateful for my family and friends that I would love to gift the world to all of them! My eyes are killing me so I’ll keep it short this week but have a beautiful weekend! Let me know what you are doing for the holidays or what you are doing in general! Much love to all of you.


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