Mental Health

Hi my beautiful followers. I have a simple favor to ask. It doesn’t involve purchasing this time around! If you are interested in mental health awareness & how the company I am working for will help provide a way for all people to participate in life discussions please check out the instagram & twitter pages for it. I will leave the link below. I know it will be such a great gift to the head of the company to see people checking it out so it would really mean the world to me if you could. A follow or a like is all we need at the moment. We will be launching a fundraising campaign later on but right now we are trying to get a following base going. I never knew I could fall in love with something so much but seeing people who are actively involved in helping give a voice to everyone is really inspiring. I’m doing the social media for it and I am really excited. The main creator is such a wonderful lady who is so dedicated and giving that I want this to succeed.


Thank you so much!

& ps. I will probably follow you back on there too because I like to have interactions and see what others are doing in their lives as well.


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