Friday Little Love Moments : 12.23

It’s almost Christmas! I can’t believe it’s nearly here. It feels like I was just saying that I need to prep in advance & get all the shopping done early … I did for the most part … I am extremely grateful this holiday season. I had a different write up planned out but something caught me on the way back home tonight and I decided to do a rewrite. There have been things on my mind lately. Where I am in life, who I want to be, this and that. These little nagging whispers that hold me back or make me doubt myself during certain times. But we were driving back and I saw those 27 little paper angels set up in memory of the kids from Sandy Hook and my heart sank. It hit me really hard – especially during this time of year. I thought about it on our way to our destination and on the way back. Life is so uncertain. There are so many things I can’t change. I have been blessed with health, family & friends and as long as I have that I am doing alright. Life is so precious and I can’t give my time to negative thoughts. You do what you can. That’s okay with me. Other than that, I’ve been doing last minute things here and there this week but nothing too major. I can’t wait to snuggle into my new holiday pj’s which my mom purchased for all of us to get to wear on Sunday. They are these really cheesy gray pants with gingerbread on them but they are cute in a funny way .. and extra warm so I am fine with that! This week has been really sweet. I’ve been getting work done & focusing on other projects too. I recieved a lovely plant in the mail today from one of my bosses and it’s beautiful. It was such a nice to surprise to come home to see. She really is such a wonderful person to work with. I am awful at taking care of plants though so I am reading up on it to make sure I keep it healthy. The flower pot to it is so pretty & resuable in case I fail at it! I hope not though. I’ve got some wrapping to finish up since things are still arriving. Ps. I sort of have a teeny crush on the young mailman – no big deal but I’ve almost slipped on ice 3 times in front of him now. It will suck though because after the holidays the drive up’s the hill and door visits will cease so how do I go about this? Chase after the truck? Or in my case, slide into the truck.

Alright, I’ll end this post here before I start giving too much detail over my crushes and whatnot. I hope you all have a beautiful and safe weekend. My warmest wishes during this holiday weekend.

– The Rose Guide


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