Friday Little Love Moments : 12/30/16

Hey everyone. Hope you guys are doing well. I got whacked out this week with an earache & now a stomach bug. I got eardrops yesterday but now I’m getting what my brother had which I am not looking forward to it. I just feel dizzy and nauseous…always fun…but can’t complain too much. Nothing I can do about it other than getting cozy and resting up – plus Harvest Moon Back To Nature just arrived today as a late Christmas gift! I’m so excited to have it again since I accidentally stepped on mine years ago and it snapped. I like having something on hand when I don’t feel well to maybe keep me distracted. Major credit to whoever sent it because it’s used or else it would be around $100 but it arrived in great condition! Christmas was nice minus the ear pain but it was low key which I enjoyed. I got a new unit for my room from Ikea & some shabby chic items like the cutest dress lamp! I haven’t moved everything into place yet due to being sick but it still looks wonderful as is. I am very grateful for the pieces & of course the beautiful people behind them. I hope you all have a happy new year and a safe holiday weekend!


-The Rose Guide



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