Friday Little Love Moments : 1/6/17 !!

Good afternoon! How is everyone doing in 2017 so far?! I’ve been sick with the flu all week so mine has been just peachy — no actually, it really is. I haven’t felt well but it’s been an okay time  anyway.  I’m just fighting through it because I can’t do much about it. It will pass. I did have a burst of feeling better this morning where I started dancing with my puppy in my underwear to the new Ed Sheeran songs. I just felt like jumping around like an idiot. Got a little dizzy after but hey, what can you do? My favorite moment this week is that I won a contest where I had to submit a comment about my biggest priority for this new year. My answer was getting my health in line. I’ve been settling with pain because I don’t want to hear bad news or negative results… I have been just assuming that nothing can be done and sticking to that one answer. There are plenty of things that can be done but I haven’t been keeping up to date with them because I am afraid of trying thing after thing with no positive impact. No more. I’ve got to make it a priority. I’m so thankful I won & even more thankful that the question was even posted because it really made me consider what I need to do first this year. I don’t make resolutions anymore because I have to be honest with myself and know that some things will change and other things might fall to the back burner. I did once but always got disappointed when it didn’t always go as planned. I ended up missing some truly important things due to worrying about the resolutions I didn’t reach. I have some general ideas of how I want it to go and I’ll try to get there one step at a time.  I have a feeling 2017 will be interesting …. 😉
All the best in this new year. All the best always.

– The Rose Guide


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