The Truth About Pallet Beds


If you are like me and surf pinterest you’ve probably come across a few diy projects you want to test out for yourself. That’s how I got the idea to put together a bed made out of pallet wood. I’m surprised I actually went through with considering how big of a project it is but here I am a few months later with a white painted pallet bed. I’ve already posted the step by step process on how to achieve the look but I wanted to do an update on how life is going since switching out my old ikea bed frame for the new handmade project.

If you are someone who enjoys switching in and out furniture pieces or rearranging your bedroom from time to time I would think very carefully before proceeding to do this project. Pallets do have some weight to them so it does become a workout to start moving them around. Unlike other finished bed frames these are normally different pieces that come together to form a bed so you’d be making individual trips to get them in the right spot. They are also made out of wood which tends to scratch and snag on you if you aren’t wearing extra layers of protection. My cut toe from this morning can be an indicator of this. The other factor to remember is that these boards also have gaps that are hard to get into to clean. Dust & fluff can get inside and unless you have a vacuum with a huge nozzle you will have to do some shifting around again.

It is comfortable, I will give it that. I had it as a floor bed to start off with but now I’ve stacked it to give my room more space. I do the love the bed on most days but then there are days where I curse myself and wish that I had something more simple back. I do have it downstairs still but to move these pallet pieces back out and down two levels of stairs is another process I’m not ready to face. Also, to reassemble the ikea bed is not on my to do list anytime soon.

I’m not saying to give up on the idea but do your research beforehand. Make sure you have a general idea of the layout you want before proceeding so you don’t have to drag them all over the floors. I do have hardwood floors so I’m always nervous that it will scuff the ground up. There are  many ways they can work so check online for inspiration. I’ve seen people pull them off in beautiful ways. Just know that it does require some strength & patience. At least for me! 😉


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