Friday Little Love Moments : 1/20

It’s been a long day, my friends. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was on fire with the biggest stomach pain and it’s been lasting throughout the hours. I feel very achy but I am sipping on ginger ale and hoping for the best. This week has been weird. Someone I knew passed away last weekend and even though the situation is complex it still is an odd feeling to know someone is never coming back. It reinforces that you’ve got to make every second count with those you love. I won’t linger on a low note because a lot of great things happened this week. I received the planner I had won in the contest. It’s by a company called Start Planner that sells planners & other accessories to go along. It is so cute! Just the packaging alone had me wrapped up. I really love it. It has various sections and inspirational quotes along the way. If you want to see what it looks like you can go on my instagram because I of course had to take a photo of it asap. I wasn’t much for planning before because so many things tend to go awry but it’s been really helpful so far in this stage in my life. I love setting little goals to keep me inspired for the year. The reason behind me evening winning was the comment I submitted about wanting to change the way I handle health issues this year. I’ve been slacking in making appointments because I can feel defeated at times. I absolutely hate finding out that something isn’t working or that we aren’t sure of what to try next so I settle. I live in pain instead of keeping at it and finding another doctor to help guide me. I have to remember that things aren’t always going to work and it’s a trial & error process but in order to ensure a better life you have to do these things to get there. I now have a appointment date set in the planner to go check back on my knee pain. For some reason it has progressively gotten worse over the last week. I could barely stand yesterday without wincing in pain. There has to be more to the story that we are missing so even though I am on a waiting list for the specialist, I am going to check in with someone else in the meantime. Don’t ever be afraid of putting yourself first sometimes. Your health is crucial and it has to be top priority. It won’t get better just because you push it aside. It will linger and the more we delay the worse off it can be. No more! That’s my speech for the week 🙂 & ps. I want to reaffirm more than ever on this blog that if you are ever feeling down or out of sorts that I am always here to listen. Leave a comment, send an email, write to me on instagram. I will be there to listen.


Have a safe and beautiful weekend!

-The Rose Guide


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