Friday Little Love Moments : 2/3


I am exhausted but I couldn’t miss a post! I’ve been repainting the room and i am so beyond fed up with paint & rollers & masking tape. I’m too short for this nonsense. I can’t move my stuff out so I’ve been working around it which has been a slight issue. I’d be done way faster but hey, what can what do. I hope to be finished tomorrow but let’s see if that works. I have been sleeping on the floor with blankets which I did all the time as a kid but my back is not cut out for it anymore. I can’t wait to get everything back in order! Hopefully, this paint job will be worth it. I did paint while naked * i know I know * but I couldn’t find an old shirt to work in and it was so warm. Let’s just say though that I have paint in places paint should never be. I’ll have to make a blog post about what not to do when painting because I’ll have plenty of tips to go around. That’s been my week so far! Hope you all are having a beautiful & safe week!!

– The Rose Guide


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