Friday Little Love Moments : 2/10

Good evening! Another week has gone by and I am so pumped for the weekend to be here. We got hit with a snow storm yesterday that kept us indoors. Here I was saying that I am glad that I didn’t have any painting left to do with the roller because of my arms and then I had to shovel mounds of snow. I’m hoping to have after photos of the new room next week up. I just ordered a new duvet from H&M so I am waiting on that to snap some pics. I love it though. I can’t believe I managed to paint it by myself with breaking a hip on the stool. I’m so anxious about hanging anything back up on the walls because I was to preserve the surface for as long as I can after all that work. I do have to get some paint chips off the floor because apparently the tarp I used was not the greatest. I’ll be posting a tips collection about what not to do while painting and methods that helped me survive the process. It may not seem like a big deal to paint a room but for me it is because I actually went ahead with it. I’m trying to make this year more about following through when I have an idea instead of pushing it to the side. Doing well so far! How are you guys doing?



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